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Airline Bargains on Twitter – and When Problems Arise!

When Traveling – Great Tips if Delayed

We use Twitter to Contact Companies all the time – my main reason to get my Social Media Score Higher because
those with a higher score will be taken more seriously when you mention problems or issues on twitter.

We have received replies usually within the same day – sometimes within 15 minutes. Not always true – tho.
Recently wrote Hawaiian Airlines on twitter and they have yet to write me back 4 weeks now.

Just reading in the LosAngeles Times Newspaper that the founder of INSPIRED CITIZEN tweeted @AmericanAir his
cab in an accident with a photo. American replied to him on twitter within 10 minutes and booked him on a
later flight without a penalty.

He stated on a flight in Italy his plane was being delayed – tweeted @Delta regarding weather issues and
they rebooked him through another airport. @Delta is very efficient on Social Media.

When the Airline Companies respond they will request you DM so your private info will stay private, plus
if you have something terrible to say those will not be spread throughout social media.
DM is not limited to 140 characters.

Other Tips – Scott Keyes @smkeyes of Scott’s Cheap Flights has a site for Steals and Deals. If you subscribe to his email and/or twitter account you can find greater pricing and even more if you purchase his premium info.
Follow him on twitter @smkeyes.

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